3 Ways to Improve Your Performance, That Won't Cost You a Cent!


So, you're the best of the best, your resume is incredible, you've made all the right strides toward your goals...but...when your "next obvious step" calls your references, somebody let the cat out of the bag. It appears that you were late one too many times, and although nothing was said, something was noticed...These skills are soft skills, and they are some of the most important skills an employer will value. Although they cannot be taught in a meeting, or written on your resume, they are just as crucial to your success as anything else you have on your resume.

1. Be There

There's nothing better than somebody that is reliable, besides pizza. Punctuality, preparation and accountability exhibits your committed desire of success. It shows a employees respect for their coworkers, boss, job responsibilities, company and so much more. This sign of professionalism helps you stand out as trustworthy, and reliable. Make your mark as the early bird, and catch all those worms!


2. Be Here

Being mindful helps us change our habits into intentions. Being intentional allows you to be purposefully productive. Enthusiasm, positivity, organization, creativity etc. can all be successful as long as there is intent. Taking a second to absorb, assess then act, can make all the difference in an outcome. Change directions, see what's working and what is not, and be mindful for a better outcome.

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3. Smile

Kindness is free. While kindness is not something you can add on your resume, is it certainly something to practice intentionally. By being kind, you will see huge impacts on your professional success. It will not only help you get the job, but it will show that you work well with others, and that you seemingly enjoy work! More people are going to work with you, people will start gravitating to you because your open approachability, and it all starts with a smile.


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