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new opportunity.jpgAn interview is similar to a blind date.  Neither of you have met, but through the information you have so far, you want the face-to-face meeting.  You are both hoping that together you are a proper fit.  When meeting, focus on being a good listener.  Know what they are looking for, so you can in turn sell your attributes that match.  In both instances, everyone is usually well-mannered and on their best behavior.  Similar to a blind date.  If you are asked back a second time, it means you made a great first impression, and they want to know more about you.

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Okay, that’s how they are similar, but there are obviously some big differences.  On a typical second interview, you need to be ready to meet a different set of people.  This usually includes senior-level, team members and/or consultants who aren’t usually included in initial screenings of candidates.

Your first interview determined you had the qualifications they are looking for, so the second interview must conclude you are number one.  Your personality and skills will either continue to shine or fizzle out in this interview.  There is no time for self-doubt or lacking confidence when it comes to communicating your expertise or experiences in this interview.  The key is in preparation and, through your readiness, you will feel confident, and your excellent sales approach will prove you are their missing puzzle piece. 

Let’s get you ready:

What to wear:  For men, do you have a different suit?  If so, go with that one.  Only one suit?  No problem, be sure it is wrinkle free and clean.  To change it up, wear a different shirt and tie.  Ladies, you want to mix it up too.  Avoid wearing the same outfit you wore last time.  Always dress to impress, even if the culture of the company is casual.  You are not one of them yet, so you want to continue to show your professionalism and effort through your appearance.

Preparation:  Arrival time should be no more than 10 minutes early, and if you happen to be running late (avoid this scenario at all costs), call them to tell them when they can expect you.  Be comfortable asking when scheduling this interview, “Will anyone else be joining us for this interview?”  Be ready to write their responses, and feel free to do some investigating of those people on their website and on LinkedIn.  Understanding who they are and what role and title they have within the company, will help you to anticipate some of their questions and what you might expect.  Take time to review: details from their job description and how your qualifications are a fit, any notes taken from the first interview, and be sure you have the version of your resume you gave to them memorized.  Remember, all invested time in preparation will pay off when you have excellent execution which will demonstrate that you are in it to win it.

What you should bring: Same as in a first interview: nice briefcase or professional looking bag to carry all loose items, extra copies of your resume, extra pens or pencils.  What to leave in the car: gum, drinks, extra people, and cell phone.  Need to bring your cell phone?  Just be sure to have it muted.

What questions to anticipate?  A new set of people will likely cause a repeated set of questions to begin.  Such as, “Tell me more about you.”  However, you will quickly find the questions will become more focused and specific.  They are seriously interested in you, and want to get to the core of your knowledge and expertise.  Be ready to answer tough questions such as, “Do you feel your skills will be able to handle…?”, “Do you believe you can develop…?”, or “What qualities do you possess that will cause you to succeed in this position or company?”  Tricky questions, but take a few seconds to think through your answer.  Again, they are interested in you, so confidently sell yourself.

Questions to ask? Don’t worry, you can come up with a new list of questions for interview number two.  Ask how their company and team is structured.  Ask for the daily duties and responsibilities of this position. 

Thank you notes: Nothing in this area has changed from the first interview.  People like to be thanked for their time.  When you do be sure to send a different thank you letter to each person in the interview.  Express your interest in the company and job opportunity and how you are looking forward to hearing from them.

WRAP UP:  Take a deep breath.  They like you, so you should do this interview with confidence.  Take time with your responses, be honest, and aggressively sell your qualifications and personality.  They want to be sure you have the cultural fit as well as the skills they need.  Show them you have both!  Good luck.

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