Kendall Cuthie

Kendall Cuthie is the Brand and Marketing Manager for G1440 Staffing. Over the years, we have placed thousands of professionals like yourself in many companies in the Baltimore, D.C. area. My mission has been to help professionals like you feel empowered and score the jobs you deserve. I know the job market is no doubt a fast-paced world and I hope the tips found in these blogs will offer insight and support.

Recent Posts

3 Ways to Improve Your Performance, That Won't Cost You a Cent!

So, you're the best of the best, your resume is incredible, you've made all the right strides toward your goals...but...when your "next obvious step" calls your references, somebody let the cat out of the bag. It appears that you were late one too many times, and although nothing was said, something was noticed...These skills are soft skills, and they are some of the most important skills an employer will value. Although they cannot be taught in a meeting, or written on your resume, they are just as crucial to your success as anything else you have on your resume.

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3 Simple and Obvious Steps to Maximize your Morning

 On your way home, I’m sure you review your day and have every intention to make tomorrow better than it was today. Then you get home...and suddenly your plans of change fly right out the window. It’s ok, life happens. These 3 tips are simple and obvious. Maybe you already practice them, maybe you’d like to, maybe you think you do but….Netflix happens. Luckily I’m here to remind you how effective and EASY it is to adapt to get successful results.

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