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recruitment.jpgG.1440 is a staffing agency focused on meeting the business needs of our clients.  The recruiters at G.1440 have a niche focus, IT staffing. Our partnership offers a level of IT expertise that we use to find the staffing solution needed to strengthen your team’s technical shortcomings. Over the years, our company has built a vast network of qualified technology professionals enabling us to tackle IT hiring and staffing challenges. G.1440’s experienced Business Development Managers and Technical Recruiters strive to meet your needs in a timely manner. 

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Our strategy for delivering technology talent to Baltimore? We use 5 steps to locate our tech talent:

1. Building a relationship

Our goal as professional recruiters is to provide the best match possible both technically and culturally for your company. G.1440 Staffing Agency industry expertise is unparalleled: our recruiters know where to find top IT professionals and we strive to deliver technology talent that fits your individual solution. At G.1440, we listen to your needs.  Our local marketing expertise allows us to take your candidate requests and match them to our expansive technical network.

2. Researching candidates 

G.1440 begins with our proprietary database and referral-based screening to identify a network of candidates who are a fit for your position on paper.

3. Narrowing the scope 

G.1440’s Technical Recruiters and Business Development Managers will invest time to conduct an interview to evaluate the candidate’s professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills and salary requests to ensure they meet your business requirements. We take candidate submittal very seriously.  Your satisfaction is our scale for success.  Our thorough candidate selection process is designed to be sure we submit the most qualified candidate for your company’s review.

4. Time saving 

At G.1440 Staffing Agency, we take care of: sourcing, screening, negotiating compensation, all time consuming paper work and verification process.  This allows you to focus on business development.

5. Partnership

Our commitment doesn’t end on your new hire’s start date.  Business Development Managers and Technical Recruiters at G.1440 Staffing continue to follow up with you and our employee ensuring both parties are satisfied.

WRAP UP: Save time, money and focus on business development while we search for your hiring solution. Our dedicated Business Development Managers will ensure your company’s specific requirements are met. What stands G.1440 Staffing Agency out from other staffing firms?  Simple, we aren’t working to find you just any solution, we are working to offer you the best!

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