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invest.jpgThere a few specific things job seekers must perfect when they are on the prowl for a new career opportunity. One is your resume and the other is a LinkedIn profile. A resume and a LinkedIn profile will contain some of the same information, however, they are totally different. Use these tips to fully benefit from both these job seeker tools. They should complement each other to impress your reader. Impressing your reader will be how you score a chance for an interview.

1. Understand the difference in your tone of voice.

  • Resume: Always tailor your resume to match a specific job description and company. Spend time aligning your skills and qualifications to the company’s needs. Resumes should be kept to one page in length. If your resume is longer, review and ruthlessly edit it down by considering each piece of information. Is it relevant? Did you prove your competence in the areas where they need support? Did you include career accomplishments that will catch your reader’s eye? Remember, a recruiter will only skim your resume. Keep your resume intriguingly brief, list information in neat bullet points, and include keywords found in job description. Throughout the resume you must maintain a professional demeanor. Your goal? To leave them wanting to know more about you.
  • LinkedIn: Now, here is where a recruiter can get a better sense of your personality. Likeability and readability should be your focus when creating your profile. After all, LinkedIn is a Social Media forum. Your profile should expand your networking reach by making connections with other professionals. Go above and beyond the information found on your resume. Do not copy and paste your resume onto your LinkedIn profile. You will be missing a huge opportunity if you do. Focus on the specific job role. Tell your story, and while you do include information that proves you are qualified, possess the skill-set needed, you’re a great team player and highlight accomplishments to spike your reader’s curiosity. Your information can be kept broad to engage a larger audience. Keep your tone casual and friendly.

2. Eliminate confusion

  • Resume: Remove excess “fluff”. Keep your resume short and to the point to prevent losing your reader. Information should not repeat itself, bullet pointed details, no long-winded sentences and have white space for a reader’s eyes to be less overwhelmed. Your resume is essentially your sales pitch.
  • LinkedIn: One profile per customer. Multiple profiles will cause confusion, discouraged an interested recruiter or hiring manager, and you could lose the opportunity. Time is money. Recruiters and hiring managers will not take the time to syphon through your information, find the “correct” profile or look for the information they are seeking. Your job? To lay things out in a way that makes their life easier, and guarantees they find the information needed to get you an interview.

3. Honesty

  • Both pieces must be 100% truthful without exaggeration. False information has a habit of making its way to the surface eventually, and without a doubt will cause you to lose a good thing.

4. How to put it all together:

  • When creating your LinkedIn profile, take a moment to customize your URL. Using your first and last name is recommended, or some simple abbreviation on your name. Your goal is to make it easy for them to find you, and remember how to return to your profile. Once you have yours customized, include your URL on your resume with your contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and LinkedIn URL). Recruiters and hiring managers will without a doubt be checking your social media profiles, so use them as another way to entice them.
  • Work to gather recommendations from co-workers, managers, clients or others who have benefited from your skill-set. Use these tips when asking someone for a recommendation:
  • Endorsements also validate you as an employee. A recruiter or hiring manager are looking to see if others agree that you are valuable and knowledgeable.

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WRAP UP: Your resume is an important piece that demands time to perfect. Your LinkedIn profile can be more fun to create, and is designed to offer a lighter tone to capture who we are as professionals and individuals. Together they will also paint the picture to demonstrate and prove your capabilities. Do your research, invest the time, and ask a trusted friend to proof read both of them. You will benefit from your efforts.

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