Most Common Resume Mistakes that Stand the Test of Time


resume mistakes.jpgThere is no other way to say it, the job market is competitive. AND, the opportunity to interview usually doesn’t occur unless your resume spiked your reader’s interest. I am sure most of us would agree, resumes are not easy to create, but you must put forth effort to make your resume worth the read. Over the years, I have read many resumes, and it is without a doubt these “small” mistakes are what throws resumes into a   wastebasket. Unfortunately, these errors, which leave a resume above par, don’t always mean folks are not excellent employees. The truth? Hiring managers are allowed to be picky. They must be able to quickly syphon through a large volume of resumes, and these simple errors are one way for them to do it.

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A resume and cover letter is your first opportunity to “speak” and grab the attention of a hiring manager. Resumes demand research, thought and effort. Take your time here to review the most common resume mistakes that quickly ruin a job seeker’s opportunity.  Then, check over yours to be certain it is error free.

Grammatical Errors:
Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors are a 100% no-no! resume in trash.jpgSeems obvious, but you’d be surprise the frequency in which they occur. ANY grammatical error found reflects poorly on your writing skills. After all, your resume is the first opportunity you have to impress a key person within the company you are pursuing, which is important, wouldn’t you say? Knowing this level of importance, a hiring manager might believe the candidate doesn’t pay attention to detail and/or doesn’t review their own material closely. A company must have faith in their employee’s writing. Remember, an employee’s communication and behavior does reflect directly on a company. Grammatical errors found littered in an email will absolutely have a negative impact on a company. Take the time to edit your resume. Once you believe it is free of errors, pass it along to a trusted friend for further proofreading.

Misleading Information:
There is no room for lying OR embellishment on a resume. You can ensure that a hiring manager will be double checking your information. Social media alone provides additional avenues for a manager to use when researching a candidate for additional information. When constructing your resume, be sure to never round up your GPA, list the actual date of graduation and correct college, use exact dates for past employment, and do not embellish past or current job titles or its responsibilities. The chances of you being found out is high, and the risk of losing (or even getting fired from) the opportunity is high. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

Remember, a hiring manager is sorting through large volumes of resumes. All information included on your resume must be relevant, and fit the specific job description and company’s needs. Your resume should not extend past two pages. If yours does, back through your information, and ruthlessly edit it down to fit within that ideal length. Present all information in clear and concise bullet points, so your important information stands out and can be easily skimmed. You are most likely to keep your readers attention by doing so.

Formatting Failure:
Unless you are an artist or designer, your resume should follow a neat and comprehensible formatting guideline. Standard font and text size (12 point), white paper with black ink, at least a half-inch margin, consistent spacing, and your name and contact information should be found on each page. I recommend saving it as a PDF to allow it to transition to different platforms without changing format.

WRAP UP: Job seekers typically work hard to craft a resume masterpiece. They should. A resume is what has the power to land you an interview. The mistakes discussed above will likely prevent you from achieving this goal. Open your resume file, and review yours until it is “clear” of all these errors.

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